Ukraine war: Kyiv military factory hit after Russia pledges more strikes

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Ukraine war: Kyiv military factory hit after Russia pledges more strikes

Ukrainian soldiers fire a volley at the funeral of Anatoliy Kolesnikov, 30, and Oleksandr Mozheiko, 31, territorial defence soldiers killed by Russian forces, Irpin, 15.4.22   —  

It is day 52 of the war in Ukraine, as Russian forces are expected to begin a new big offensive in the east of the country after their retreat from the Kyiv region and other parts of the country revealed growing evidence of human rights atrocities.

Despite Moscow’s blanket denials, horrific discoveries of civilian murders, torture and other barbaric acts continue coming to light, with Ukrainian authorities claiming tens of thousands of civilian casualties in Mariupol alone.

Ukraine has continued to call for tighter Western nations against Moscow and for more weapons to repel Putin’s forces.

Follow Saturday’s events as they unfold in our blog below, and watch TV coverage in the video player above.


Saturday’s key points:

    Russia’s defence ministry claims its forces have struck a military equipment factory in Kyiv. The capital’s mayor says rescuers and medics are at the scene in a suburb of the capital.The governor of the Lviv region in western Ukraine reported Russian air strikes in the region on Saturday morning. He claims Ukrainian air defences downed four cruise missiles.Russian forces late Friday evening hit an airfield in Oleksandriya, a city in Ukraine’s Kirovohrad region, with a missile strike, the mayor of the city, Serhiy Kuzmenko, said on Facebook on Saturday. He didn’t say whether the strike resulted in any casualties.In the eastern Luhansk region, overnight shelling killed one person and wounded three more, according to the region’s Governor Serhiy Haidai. The shelling also damaged gas pipelines in the cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Friday that existing sanctions on Russia are “painful” but not yet enough to stop the Russian military. He called for “the democratic world” to ban Russian oil. CIA Director William Burns says no one “can take lightly” the threat that Russia could use tactical or low-yield nuclear weapons but he has seen no “practical evidence” suggesting it is imminent.Zelenskyy echoed those words, saying the world should be worried about how Putin might react to military setbacks.The Ukrainian president has said about 2,500 to 3,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed in seven weeks of war with Russia and about 10,000 injured.Ukraine’s deputy prime minister says nine humanitarian corridors have been agreed for Saturday, including from Mariupol.


Russia bans Boris Johnson from entering country

Russia announced on Saturday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and several other senior British officials were banned from entering the country, after London imposed sanctions on Moscow over its military operation in Ukraine.

«This measure was taken in response to the unbridled media and political campaign aimed at isolating Russia internationally and creating the conditions for (…) strangling the national economy,» the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. 



Kyiv still being attacked by Russian missiles, says MP

Kyiv has been the target of rocket attacks and cruise missiles even though Russian forces have withdrawn from its surrounding region according to Ukrainian MP, Sviatoslav Yurash.

Talking to British broadcaster Sky on Saturday, he said that Russian forces have been using long range weapons and aircrafts to attack from afar.

Yurash said that even though Russian forces were pushed back there was always the threat of them coming back to try and seize the capital.

He warned that Russians were preparing a big attack from the east and that they were determined to prove that the invasion was not in vain.

«Kyiv continues to receive rocket attacks by cruise missiles from Russia, even though we defeated the Russians around Kyiv and pushed them back across the border,» Yurash said.

«They attack from the long range, they attack from aircraft, they have been firing rockets non-stop,» he went on, adding that Ukraine was ready to deal with the threat of Russia trying to retake the capital.

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Russian and Ukrainian get married in Mexico hoping to enter US

A Russian man and Ukrainian woman were married in the Mexican border city of Tijuana after they were unable to travel together to the U.S.

Daria Sakhniuk was allowed to enter the U.S. as a Ukrainian refugee but her partner, Semen Bobrovski, was unable to travel there following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They left Ukraine as the war began.

Bobrovski told El Sol de Tijuana that he believed the marriage Thursday would bolster his chances of entering the U.S. with his new wife. The U.S. allows only Russian nationals with family members in the U.S. to enter the country.

“Without it, we won’t be able to cross because, still to the official American government, we are strangers to each other,» he said.



Ukraine warns of Russian Black Sea threat

Ukraine’s military warned on Saturday of the threat from Russian warships armed with sea-launched missiles in the Black Sea.

It claims this suggests it’s more likely that Russia may use them to strike Ukraine’s defence industry and logistics infrastructure.

It also said that Russia’s navy was active in the Sea of Azov to block the port of Mariupol, where ground fighting has intensified as Ukraine said it was trying to break Russia’s siege.

Home to 400,000 people before Russia’s invasion, the southeastern city has been reduced to rubble. Thousands of civilians have died and tens of thousands remain trapped.

The Ukrainian defence ministry says the Russian army has still not completely captured Mariupol.

This follows Thursday’s sinking of the Moskva, the flagship of Moscow’s Black Sea fleet.  The United States believes it was hit by two Ukrainian missiles and that there were Russian casualties.

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Air strikes hit Lviv region, governor says

The governor of the Lviv region in western Ukraine reported air strikes in the region on Saturday morning.

Maksym Kozytskyy said on the Telegram messaging app that Russian Su-35 aircraft took off from the Baranovichi airfield in Belarus and carried out missile strikes in Lviv.

Ukraine’s air defense system shot down four cruise missiles, Kozytskyy said.

He didn’t offer any details about possible casualties or damage.



Russia claims strike on Ukrainian arms factory in Kyiv

The Russian Defence Ministry announced on Saturday that it had targeted a military equipment factory in Kyiv, a day after Russian forces warned that they would intensify their attacks on the Ukrainian capital.

«High-precision, long-range air-to-surface weapons destroyed production buildings of an arms factory in Kyiv,» the ministry said in a statement on Telegram.

Earlier an AFP journalist reported that a military factory manufacturing tanks in particular had been targeted on Saturday morning by a bombardment in the suburbs of Kyiv.

A large number of soldiers and police were present on the spot, preventing access to the complex, from which smoke was billowing. The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, indicated on Facebook that he had no information on the potential victims at this stage.



Kyiv mayor reports explosions in capital

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said in an online posting that Kyiv was struck early Saturday in the Darnytskyi district in the eastern part of the capital, saying there were “explosions.”

He said rescuers and paramedics were on the scene and that victims’ details would be released later.

Klitschko urged residents to heed air raid sirens and warned those who have fled the capital not to return for now for their safety.

Thick smoke rising from the site on the eastern side of Kyiv could be seen from parts of downtown near the Dnipro River.



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