Ukraine war: ’39 killed including 4 children’ as rockets strike Kramatorsk train station in east

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Ukraine war: '39 killed including 4 children' as rockets strike Kramatorsk train station in east

personal belongings of victims and burnt-out vehicles after a rocket attack on the railway station in the eastern city of Kramatorsk, in the Donbass region on April 8, 2022.   —  

The war in Ukraine is taking on a new dimension with growing evidence of human rights atrocities by Russian troops as they retreated from the Kyiv region and other parts of the north.

Despite Moscow’s blanket denials, horrific discoveries of civilian murders and other barbaric acts are coming to light.

As Putin’s forces concentrate their offensive on eastern Ukraine, NATO has promised Kyiv more weapons and Western nations are tightening sanctions against Moscow.

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Friday’s key points:

    Ukrainian authorities say a rocket attack has struck a railway station at Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine, killing «39 people including four children» and wounding «over 100». The station has been used by many evacuees in recent days and authorities say thousands were there at the time of the attack.The EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, travelling to Kyiv on Friday with Commission President von der Leyen, has blamed Russia for an «indiscriminate attack» designed to «close escape routes» for those fleeing violence.EU national representatives have agreed on a fifth package of sanctions against Russia that includes an embargo on Russian coal imports and a ban on Russian ships in EU ports.Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said the destruction in Borodyanka northwest of Kyiv is «more horrific» than Bucha, with even more victims as work begins to dig through the rubble after the Russian occupation.President Biden said the images out of Bucha and other areas of Ukraine as Russian troops withdraw are “horrifying” and “an outrage to our common humanity”.The EU has proposed to increase weapons contributions to Ukraine by €500 million to a total of €1.5 billion, Council President Charles Michel said on Thursday. NATO’s chief Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance was ready to provide more arms for Ukraine, without giving details. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba attending a NATO meeting in Brussels had called for ‘weapons, weapons and weapons».German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is due in London for talks with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that are expected to cover the conflict, Russian sanctions, and Europe’s dependency on Russian energy.United Nations countries voted 93-24 in favour of suspending Russia’s membership of the international body’s Human Rights Council as the world calls out Russian atrocities in Ukraine.

06:39Does the EU’s latest round of sanctions on Russia go far enough? 13:47

Kramatorsk: Ukraine FM condemns ‘deliberate slaughter’ of civilians


Slovakia provides Ukraine with S-300 air defence system, PM says 


UN’s food price index reaches another record increase, organisation says

The United Nations says prices for world food commodities like grains and vegetable oils reached their highest levels ever last month due to fallout from the war in Ukraine.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization said on Friday that its Food Price Index, which tracks monthly changes in international prices for a basket of commodities, recorded a double-digit percentage-point increase in March from the record level already set the previous month.

FAO said the index came in at 159.3 points last month, up 12.6% from February’s all-time high since the index was created in 1990.

The Rome-based agency says the war in Ukraine was largely responsible for the 17.1% rise in prices for cereals, including wheat and all coarse grains. Russia and Ukraine together account for around 30% and 20% respectively of global wheat and maize exports.



EU and UK include Putin’s daughters on sanctions list

The European Union imposed has sanctions on two adult daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of a new package of measures targeting Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, according to two EU officials.

The EU included Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova in its updated list of individuals facing assets freeze and travel bans. 

The British government has also said it is imposing asset freezes and travel bans on Putin’s daughters, as well as Yekaterina Vinokurova, daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The move follow similar measures two days earlier by the United States.

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EU’s Borrell condemns ‘indiscriminate attack’ at Kramatorsk

The EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, due to visit Kyiv with Commission president Ursula von der Leyen on Friday, has taken to Twitter to blame Russia for the rocket attack on Kramatorsk railway station in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian army has denied responsibility, blaming Ukrainian «provocation».


Kramatorsk rail station attack comes amid mass evacuations

Friday’s reported rocket attack on a railway station at Kramatorsk comes as Russia steps up its offensive in eastern Ukraine, having withdrawn its troops from the Kyiv region and the north.

Moscow has made the conquest of the Donbas region, which has been partly controlled by pro-Russian separatists since 2014, its priority objective.

Pavlo Kirilenko, the governor of the Donetsk region, said thousands of people had been at the station at the time the rockets struck.

Ukrainian authorities have been trying hard to evacuate civilians as Russian forces multipy attacks in the south and east. At least twice this week civilians have been urged to «leave while they can».

Evacuations by train, which had been interrupted due to damage to part of the railway, had resumed overnight from Thursday to Friday, said the governor of the Luhansk region, Sergiy Hardai. For several days he had been encouraging people not to «condemn themselves to death» by staying.

«Three evacuation trains carrying residents of the Luhansk and Donetsk region were able to leave for the west. The track has been repaired,» he said early Friday, before the attack on the station of Kramastorsk, known as the «capital» of the area of Donbas under Ukrainian control.

Photos taken two days ago showed platforms at the station crammed with passengers awaiting trains to other parts of the country.

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Zelenskyy slams Russian ‘unlimited evil’ over Kramatorsk attack

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday denounced an «evil that knows no bounds» unleashed by Russia after the rocket attack on Kramatorsk station in the east of the country, from which civilians have been evacuating.

At least 30 people are reported dead in the attack and over 100 wounded, according to the state railway company. 

«Without the strength and the courage to face us on the battlefield, they (the Russians) are cynically destroying the civilian population. It is an evil that knows no bounds. And if it is not punished, it will not will never stop,” Zelenskyy wrote on Telegram, denouncing the “inhumane” methods of the Russian forces.



‘Europe still not fully aware of tragedy and suffering in Ukraine’

The frontline aid workers helping those fleeing the violence, their fears the Russians may target humanitarian convoys, and a sense that «political leaders in the West are still not fully aware of the extent of the human tragedy and suffering».

Euronews’ Aleksandar Brezar reports from the Poland-Ukraine border region.

Ukraine war: '39 killed including 4 children' as rockets strike Kramatorsk train station in east

‘Europe still not fully aware of tragedy and suffering in Ukraine’

“Nobody could ever expect, believe or anticipate something like this. These are horror stories — what is going on in Mariupol, what is going on in Chernihiv, in Kharkiv. It’s unimaginable.” #UncoveringEurope

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