Shrimp with Sage and Pancetta | Rachael Ray

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Shrimp with Sage and Pancetta | Rachael Ray

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Rachael makes quick and easy sauteed sage-and-pancetta-wrapped shrimp in a lemon-butter sauce. 

About 21 years ago, Rach made her very first 30-minute meal on Food Network, this shrimp dish. She did a test run beforehand on Emeril Lagasse’s set and didn’t realize the culinary team was preheating the skillet while she was nervously asking the director and producer a ton of questions. When she finally started cooking and added the oil to the pan, ten-foot flames shot right up to the ceiling. She was shocked, but carried on and the rest is history!  

Rachael learned how to cook from her mom, and this is her recipe. Serve with a green salad of escarole or romaine and shaved fennel, onion, lemon juice and EVOO, along with crusty bread for mopping. (Rach chars ciabatta, rubs it with garlic, then tops it with EVOO and flaky sea salt.)  

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    24 very large shrimp, peeled and deveined (reserve peels and heads) 

For the Fortified Stock:

    Peels and heads from shrimp½ cup white wine2 cups stock1 lemon, sliced1 teaspoon peppercorns2 bay leaves1 small white onion, halved

To Prepare Shrimp:

    4 cloves garlic, chopped or gratedZest of 1 lemonSalt and white or fine black pepper24 large sage leaves24 slices of pancetta to wrap the shrimp (not too thin)3 tablespoons olive oil½ cup white or dry vermouthJuice of ½ lemon3 tablespoons butter½ cup parsley, chopped

Yield Preparation

For the stock, toast shells in medium pot, add remaining ingredients and cook at a medium rolling boil to reduce to 1 cup, then strain. 

Season shrimp with garlic, zest, salt and pepper. Place a sage leaf down the back of each shrimp and wrap in pancetta. 

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Shrimp with Sage and Pancetta | Rachael Ray

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Heat oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat and cook shrimp 7 to 8 minutes until pancetta is crisp and shrimp are opaque. Add vermouth and shake pan 30 seconds, add stock and reduce 1 minute, then add lemon juice and butter to incorporate. Top with parsley and serve.  


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