Hungary election live: Voting closes as Viktor Orbán seeks fifth term in office

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Hungary election live: Voting closes as Viktor Orbán seeks fifth term in office

Ballots are being counted after polling stations closed for the general election in Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, April 3, 2022.   —  

Millions of Hungarians went to the polls on Sunday in a general election where the country’s longtime Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is seeking his fifth term in office.

His opponent is Péter Márki-Zay, who heads up an opposition coalition that has united in its desire to oust him.

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Key points to know: 

    Hungary’s National Election Office says first results are expected at 21:00 CET.Voting officially closed at 19:00 CET but polls in some locations stayed open a little longer to let people who had been waiting in line, cast their ballots. Incumbent PM Viktor Orbán is seeking his fourth consecutive term in office — his fifth term in totalOpposition groups have rallied around one candidate, Péter Márki-ZayTurnout is expected to be around 70% which is on par with the 2018 general election. 


How did Hungary’s opposition unite against Orbán?

Hungary’s main opposition parties united behind one single candidate to try and beat Viktor Orbán, but it’s been a rocky road on the way to election day. 

Watch our video to find out more:  

Hungary election live: Voting closes as Viktor Orbán seeks fifth term in office

Hungarian opposition is struggling to dethrone Orbán


First results expected around 21:00 CET

The National Election Office president told the Hungarian news agency that voting has ended in almost every polling station in the country, except a few places where some people were still waiting in line when polls officially closed at 19:00 CET:

Those people are expected to cast their ballots in the next 10-15 minutes.

Hungary’s National Election Office says the first results in today’s general election vote are expected around 21:00 CET.


High voter turnout a ‘victory for democracy’, says Orbán aide

As we’re already reported in the blog this evening, turnout is expected to be around 70%. 

A close aide to Viktor Orbán calls it a victory for democracy and gives a strong mandate for the winner.

Gergely Gulyás, who is the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office says »we have seen the first projections, which give cause for optimism».



What do the polls say?

Here’s a look at the latest polling which was carried out before election day — it’s not an exit poll — but shows some voter intentions ahead of the general election. 

We expect this race to be tight and the polling below would point to a win for Viktor Orbán and his party. There are no official exit polls in Hungary we’ll have to wait for the first results to come in a few hours from now, to get an indication of how things are going. 


Polls closed, but… 

Polling stations across Hungary closed at 19:00 CET but according to the Hungarian news agency if someone was already waiting in line to cast their ballot at that time, they were still able to vote.

Turnout is expected to be on par with the election in 2018 at around 70%. 



What do you need to know about Hungary’s general election?

Poll closed at 19:00 CET for millions of Hungarians casting ballots in the general election. But what do you need to know?

Read more about the two candidates, and their parties, in our story here: 

Hungary election live: Voting closes as Viktor Orbán seeks fifth term in office

All you need to know about Hungary’s unprecedented election


Election live blog

Welcome to our Hungary election live blog where polling stations officially closed at 19:00 CET, but there might still be some locations that remain open longer. 

We’ll be updating throughout the evening and into the early hours of Monday morning as results start to come in with the latest developments and analysis. 


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