Нow the business is managed after leaving Jahongir Artikhodjaev

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Having the largest automated production complex in Central Asia, AKFA Group of companies keeps on forming its own development path, but without the participation of its founder Jahongir Artikhodjaev.

In December 2018 Jahongir Artikhodjaev left the business after 20 years of building and managing AKFA artel group. The former businessman has become the first mayor of Tashkent city in history originated from the commercial sector.

Such a significant change resulted in the election of new executives of AKFA Group of companies in the beginning of 2019. Abror Ganiev was announced to be the Chairman of AKFA Board of Directors. Other holding brands, including Artel, Mediapark, Crafers, AKFA Medline were identically subjected to the head changes. In 2020 the position of AKFA CEO was taken by Kamran Gulamov, a young and perspective manager responsible for a new development strategy of the Group.

What are the new strategy goals?

In 2019 AKFA Group initiated the Research and Development Center aimed to launch new products and increase the production capacity from 47,000 tons to 100,000 tons of aluminum products per year within five years. The department focuses on production optimization and modernization, which will assure a sustainable growth to the companies.

In order to attract foreign investments and widen export volumes the Head management also made an important decision to enter the international stock market. For that, in December 2020 the signing ceremony of the cooperation contract between AKFA Group, SAP Uzbekistan and Pricewaterhouse Coopers took place at the Head Office. It is marked that SAP system improves the detection and prevention of fraudulent activities. The executives believe that digital transformation will bring transparency, accountability and losses reduction to business.

In addition, the new strategy with its up-to-date perceptions and management teams will also keep on rebuilding inner politics in relation to price formation, data security, corruption and conflict of interest in accordance with the internationally accepted requirements.

What are the new strategy goals?
Along with the new business concepts AKFA Group places emphasis on education support and collaboration with Uzbekistan universities. This direction aimes to attract new staff by providing grant programmes, internships and lectures from the leading managers.

For instance, in November 2021 at the question-and-answer session Nodira Isamiddinova listed the advantages of window-door and facade systems. The speaker also informed of the shelter for stray dogs called «Mehr» and the processes of designing and creating the largest showroom of the company — Visitor Center. Besides, the presentation demonstrated the project of the holding headquarters, which is under construction in Tashkent center.

In December 2021 AKFA holding announced the formation of creative community for architects and designers, who are seeking project collaboration and professional development.

Kamran Gulamov notes that in 2022 the company will launch a series of initiatives directed at strengthening the qualification of young professionals and opening new job opportunities for them. Literally, the project will include various competitions, master classes, seminars along with the creation and launching of a specialized online platform for art specialists. At the end of the year AKFA is going to organize a festival for the representatives of the architecture and design spheres. It is planned to establish annual awards to the best design bureaus and freelance professionals.

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